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Open Up Campaign (2019)

Role: Producer. Director, Social Media Content & Copy 

Deliverables & Activities: Director of photography, social copy & messaging, visual design, and postproduction direction for Open Up omnichannel campaign to debut new Portofino model.

Results: Surpassed targets (+24%) for in-store test drives through 20M global impressions.


Blind Veterans Float Grand Canyon

Role: Creative Director & digital strategy, post-production coordination, and distribution strategy

- 2x 2019 Shorty Awards for Physical & Digital and 360 Video “Sensing the Grand Canyon”

- Cannes Lion Selection for Social & Influencer Lions “Sensing the Grand Canyon”

Deliverables: 5 minute cinematic short, social media cut-downs, blog design and copy, organic influencer outreach strategy and execution

Results: Over 25 Million Unique Views, Today Show Feature, 2x Short Awards, Cannes Lion Nomination 

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 11.23.24


Using Street View to Capture a New Perspective of Paris' Gare de Lyon

Role: Assistant Creative Director

Deliverables & Activities: Development, post-production support, ​copywriting, scripting and messaging for digital campaign.

Results: Millions of impressions, featured editorials in Google Channels and leading tech syndications.


Winning Hearts and Minds With the Street View Trekker

Role: Creative Director / Digital Outreach Strategist 

Deliverables & Activities: Built PR campaign for launch of new Trekker model. Organic PR outreach execution for leading tech outlets. Digital still and video asset direction and postproduction.

Results: Editorial content on Google Keyword Blog and other leading tech outlets. 



Independant Feature Film

Role: Associate Producer, Assistant Director

Deliverables & Activities: Producer for feature length horror/psychological thriller film developed by high school friends shot in one of the most remote parts of Utah at over 8,000ft in the dead of winter. Starring the late and great Margot Kidder and David H. Stevens. 


Digital Content to End Malaria Forever

Role: Digital Content Producer

Deliverables & Activities: Development, scripting, pre-production planning, production support, postproduction, and distribution. Produced social media progress report short-format videos, medium-format cinematic pieces, and event/internal video content. 

Results: Over 50M unique impressions, billions of dollars in replenishment money raised through several campaigns.  

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.35.44


Some Semblance Web Series

Role: Director, Producer & Brand Ambassador

Deliverables & Activities: Directed and produced brand narrative and digital engagement campaigns to drive e-commerce sales: influencer web series, Olympic Games content spot, blog copywriting, and e-commerce campaigns. 

Results: 2.5M unique impressions


Phantom Glideless Wax

Role: Creative Director

Deliverables & Activities: Built omnichannel digital go-to-market social media videos to drive sales for a new product. Executed every aspect of campaign. Development, on-location cinematography, 3d animation, post production, and digital strategy.  

Results: Thanks to strong digital sales, Phantom sold out its 2018 inventory in the first season. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.51.58


International Extreme Skiing Competition

Role: Digital Content Director, Field Producer, Live Broadcast Host, Copywriter

Deliverables & Activities: Produced, directed, shot, and edited 18 episode athlete web series (FWT Diaries–Playlist Below). Field host/presenter for five-stop international freeride competition in high altitude environment. On-screen live webcast host for 10 events. 

Results: 30+ international events covered over eight years. More than 10M views, 37% YOY social following increase. Over 150 press releases and 50+ pieces of digital editorial content produced. 


Banff Selected Outdoor Documentary

Role: Co-Director & Associate Producer

Deliverables & Activities: Developed & Directed a short-format documentary based on a Jon Griffith's attempts at climbing the legendary Link Sar Mountain in Pakistan. 


-Official Selection for Banff Mountain Film Festival

-Official Selection for Bilbao Mendi Film Festival

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 12.05_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 12.33.56


Editor-At-Large: Claudia Edelman

Role: Producer/Director

Deliverables & Activities: Write, produce, direct, and package a four episode short format digital webseries centered around global humanitarian leader and Thrive Global Editor-At-Large Claudia Gonzales Edelman exploring the central concepts of Thrive: mindfulness, stress-free living, healthy lifestyles, and deeper connection.

Develop a comprehensive digital roll-out and activation of episodes

Live social media stories and and blog content from each episode


Artificial Intelligence & Defense Tech

Role: Digital Director 

Deliverables & Activities: Write, produce, direct, short-format digital video assets designed to influence policymakers and public perception of a AI-based defense technology company. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 12.37.00


Lifestyle Branded Content Mission

Role: Creative Director/Producer

Brands: Beyond Coastal, Soto Saki, Cerritos Beach Hotel, Sensi Bikinis

Deliverables: Social-first video content, digital still photos, live content. Influencer distribution among professional athletes. 

Portfolio: Projects
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